Even with a non smart alternator, a B to B charger will charge the leisure battery more effectively and quicker than a relay. Its unusual to only have engine charging for a camper, and if this is the case its more important than ever to have both a true deep cycle leisure battery and an a efficient and fast charging method.

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Smart alternator leisure battery

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It was only after the leisure batteries were replaced by a Motorhome specialist, and I found the they were not being fully charged, that I discovered that it was a smart alternator. The van is always plugged into mains with the 12 volt system switched off when I’m at home, so the leisure batteries are fully charged. 1. Locate your main vehicle battery. 2. Start the engine, ensuring any fans, radio, lights etc. are turned off. 3. Take a voltage reading across the main vehicle battery. 4. Leave running for around 5/10 minutes, then repeat step 3. If your readings are around 14.4V DC then then you most likely have the traditional, non-smart alternator. 11) 4 stage battery charging: Thge B2B charges batteries between 5-20 times faster than a stand alone alternator. 12) Very Simple to install: No electronic Control Unit (ECU) issues. No complex wiring. No warranty issues. Fully prepared for smart alternators (regenerative braking). Remote control optional.

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Talk about a useless video, 'sure drive up a random road, for a random period of time, at random engine load, a random electric load, with random battery state of charge, and a random temperature and look at the random values on your meter and draw your random conclusions' Smart alternator voltage output varies according to load / demand, engine and battery temperature (often guestimated from IAT).

Please see our guide on split charging with a smart alternator (Euro5/6 specification engines) here. Skip to main content. Submit a request; Sign in Sign in ... How do I charge my leisure battery with a Smart' Alternator? Paul Ballard December 15, 2021 10:04; Updated; Please see our guide on split charging with a.

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London, UK (PRWEB) October 7, 2010 CTEK, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries, has launched the D250S Dual, a new onboard 12V battery charger that is powered from either solar power or the alternator and, will not only charge leisure batteries, but also condition and extend their life, saving the consumer valuable time and money. Nissan Patrol Y62. FORD SMART ALTERNATOR PART 1. Reduce battery charge time by 50%. A major fleet reported to us that their Delco Remy Alternators equipped with Remote Sense reduced battery charge time by 50% and decreased battery warranty claims by 30%. Remote Sense utilizes a second wire that reads the actual voltage at the battery and. Car batteries. Smart . Sml. Solaris. . Jan 03, 2020 · A fixed voltage ... There shouldn't be a problem, unless your vehicle has a smart alternator. Do be aware that the leisure battery needs to be in a separate enclosure and vented to the outside. S. Skippersam. Sep 30, 2020 4 0 10. dell type 4 printer driver.

JL/JT Dual Battery solutions with the "smart" alternator questions. Thread starter NFRs2000NYC; Start date May 26, 2020; NFRs2000NYC Well-Known Member. First Name David Joined Nov 28, 2017 ... the aux battery is getting a low and slow rate because the alternator thinks the battery is full or near full, thus feeding it a slower charge..

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