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Audi body control module programming

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Description. Thank You in advance for purchasing our Remanufactured Part. It is Extremely Important to include your Vehicle Identification Number when completing your Purchase. This allows us to Program the latest software and ship the proper part. There is a Box Area to include this information. All of our Parts Sold are as an Exchange, We. 0162 4107534 oder 0201 45863592 sind unsere neuen Rufnummern. Die Rufnummer, die oben im Bild zu sehen ist, ist aktuell deaktiviert. BCM Renault Defekt, BCM. Electronic stability program module. F20: 15A* Horn. F21: 5A* Brake lamp switch. F22: 15A* Battery monitoring system. F23: 5A* Relay coils, lighting control switch module. F24: 5A* Rear side heated windshield. F25: 10A* Electric exterior mirrors. F26: 15A* Transmission control module - 2.0L GDI. F26: 20A* Transmission control module - 1. 2011-2014 BMW Driver Assist SideView Camera Control Module OEM 161 295 10 TESTED. Pre-owned. $50.00. + $10.00 shipping. Seller 100% positive.

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AC Delco®. 12206799 Body Control Module - Direct Fit. Part Number: AC12206799. 20 Reviews. Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit. $214.99. +$48.80. Core Charge. Add to cart. Authored by autopi 25 Mar, 2021. — Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is a small device in vehicles that controls a specific function, such as engine, power steering control, windows and many more. Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is commonly used in today's vehicles. Its purpose is to control the engine or other components' functions. Data bus: body control module (8CM) A- no communication: U0142: Data bus: body control module (8CM) 8 - no communication: U0143: Data bus: body control module (8CM) C- no communication: U0144: Data bus: body control module (8CM) D- no communication: U0145: Data bus: body control module (8CM) E - no communication: U0146: Data bus: gateway A- no.

With optimal ECM programming, your engine will run much more efficiently. ECM reprogramming is also a trick high-performance gear-heads use to maximize engine power output. Reprogramming can improve spark plug timing and fuel enrichment—and can help boost pressure on turbocharged engines to squeeze out every last drop of horsepower.

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CAPTIVA SPORT 12 Body Control (BCM); (center dash), ID 20921435. CAPTIVA SPORT 12 Body Control (BCM); (center dash), ID 22860591. DTS 06-11 Body Control (BCM); (RH center dash) OUTLOOK 07-10 Body Control (BCM); (center dash) SUBURBAN 1500 10 Body Control (BCM); (under steering column), ID 25892622. ESCALADE EXT 10 Body Control (BCM); (under. such as setting adaptations and control module coding. • Testing, on page 30—provides information and pr ocedures for using the scan tool with specific control systems. • Data Parameters, on page 92—provides definitions and operating ranges for the Volkswagen and Audi vehicle data stream parameters.

What is 2001 Audi Tt Comfort Control Module Location. VW Golf 5 how to replace comfort control module CCM 1KO959433 comfort control module location on VW Golf 5 MK5 jetta 3 This video will show you how to remove the Body Control Module (BCM) on your Audi A4, S4 or RS4 (B6 and B7) 2001-2008. 2-litre narrow-angle V6.

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